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03-27-2013, 09:28 AM
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Back to say that I've done the clinic at the NE Skatezone a couple weeks now and I like it.

It's differently run than Grundy and they each have strengths and weaknesses.

Skatezone has lower turnout (10 or so guys vs. 20+ at Grundy), and is less structured (Grundy has more guys coaching at once).

However, the group at Skatezone is a nice bunch, and we are all at roughly the same (fairly low) skill level. Grundy had a real mix of absolute beginners and seasoned players just looking for ice time and practice.

The ice at Skatezone is far better than Grundy, and I find the facilities better overall too - cleaner and much less noise and echo in the rink which is nice (I hate not being able to hear the instructors).

I also found that despite only having a single coach (the rink's hockey director) the instruction at Skatezone has been, at least for me, much more clear. Wayne really is careful to work on fundamentals and drops in instructions that help us understand how to do what he's showing us. I found at Grundy, they'd say, OK we're going to work on crossovers. Do this. And half of us would be confused about which foot we should be leading with, that sort of thing. I've gotten more out of the drills at Skatezone even though they're tending to be simpler.

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