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08-10-2006, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Astaroth View Post
Si tu veux dire de la marde qui s'assume because they say they are about entertainment, you're wrong because your point number two.

Alot of people take their word because they are ex-coaches and media personalities to be gospel, if they said they were like the crossfire of hockey then mabye people would understand that besides Gagnon, they are hacks going for knee-jerk reactions. There is absolutely no debate or nuance. It is not a discourse, it's trash tv.

Sure it's highly entertaining and I would be lying if I say I don't tune in during the season from time to time.

Now about Russia, it's mainly a north american thing more than just them. Russia is actually not that poor of a country anymore thanks to the energy crisis and Putin putting some order in the house (at the cost of some liberties) but the perception of the collaspe of the Soviet Union is still prevalent in the general population's mind. That is beginning to change sowly (Russia was calling the shots and hosting the G8, 5 years ago there was real question of whether they even belonged there, not anymore). In about a decade Russia should be much closer if not equal to the rich western european countries.
J'ai un voisin, Dan-Dan.. yé pas très vite, y ride le BS, y'écoute TQS pi yé ben heureux. J'ai un voisin, yé prof de primaire, y tripe sur TVA pi le Lundi.. y enseigne.. entre deux cours ya une discution de Star Académie avec mon autre voisine, prof de primaire.

Attends, je vais changer de poste et regarder Guy A. Lepage devenir émotionnel devant le récit de la cruche qui a couvert les tsunami ... oh, de retour a TVA, une actrice de téléséries me parlera de son enfance, car ca va me rendre plus grand.

Calice.. aimes le ton TVA, pas de mes affaires. TQS c'est du caca solide, au moins tout le monde le sait.

Gagnon looks smart, but he's as dumb as the others. The only french journalist moral integrity is Mathias Brunet.

Russia is still a very poor country, with a negative birthrate and the lowest longetitvity rate among "white" countries. 56 years for men.

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