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03-27-2013, 09:40 AM
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Been though this quite a few times as a skater.

Not sure there's much you can do. There will be a few who are really interested in improving & learning more about the game. But, there are always a few in the bunch who think that they already know everything & think that they are great players (& will blame everyone else for bad plays, losses etc.). The latter are usually the loudmouths or more vocal players. Also, some people are just not competitive enough to care, & never want to improve & that's o.k.

When it's gotten really bad, I'll discuss plays/positioning tactfully. When there's a centerman who sits up @ center ice waiting for a break-away pass (usually those guys can't handle the long hard pass anyways so they're being completely useless) rather than play a two way game, I'll discuss how WE can help the defense/goalie out a bit more in our end by staying back & developing a team break out with puck support etc. Rather than criticizing the player directly.

I was invited to join a team once who blamed the goalie for them losing almost every game... One game, the first shift, we let in 4 goals (I was on the second line watching from the bench), everyone s*&t on the goalie for the 11-4 loss. What didn't occur to anyone other than me was that the other team had 6-8 good scoring chances on the first shift, that's NOT the goalies fault. The shots were probably 60-12 for the other team, but we lost because of our goalie..........

Probably best to look for a more competitive situation, hard to improve when you're playing well below your skill level.

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