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03-27-2013, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
That's a GREAT mock for us, and in all honesty, I think this mock will be closer to the real draft than any others I've seen so far. A few notes on this:

I do see the mini-run on QBs with Arizona and Buffalo. Both those teams need QBs bad. With Geno off the board (and I do see the Raiders taking a QB possibly) I don't see Arizona or Buffalo taking a chance on waiting till round 2. We saw this happen last year with QBs like Tannehill getting taken a round early because of the demand for the QB position, and I think it happens this year too.

I see teams like Cleveland and St Louis drafting weapons (WRs) over Guards or Tackles also. Cleveland has a new HC, a new OC (Norv Turner), a questionable QB situation, but a solid Running Back and maybe one WR with promise. They need more. St Louis just lost Amendola. And while I question as to whether they will take Patterson or Tavon Austin, I do see them going for another weapon here too and waiting till later in Round 1 or Round 2 to continue to build the line.

Miami and San Diego taking OTs just makes too much sense.

Lots of people mock the Titans as taking Warmack, but their D-Line is in BAD shape too. They signed a Guard already, and I see them waiting till Round 2 to revisit the O-Line as well. Taking the impact lineman is the move here. What do most teams want to do if they can in the first round? 1) Impact players on offense that put up points or 2) Improve the pass rush.

The only pick I question is Dallas taking a Safety. Someone made a great point on another board, that because of Monte Kiffin and Rod Maranelli the Cowboys are switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 offense this year --- not an easy task. And they are doing it with no cap space. While some mocks have them taking one of the elite Guards cause their O-Line blows, and this one has them taking a Safety, I see them REALLY trying to take a solid 4-3 DT or DE in the 1st round. I don't see how they do a successful conversion without drafting for it this year. In this mock, I see them taking "Tank" Carradine instead, but whatevs.

A lot of this is why I see a good chance that one of the two top Guards could fall to us. However, if Warmack falls to the Bears and we draft him, I'll jump for joy and dance buy a round of drinks for the entire bar.
I agree this is closer to what we'll see....3 QB's in the top 20 instead of 2 guards. QB's are always over drafted (Ponder and Locker going 8 and 9).

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