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Originally Posted by Van View Post
Not in a court of law....where you should have been.

...Which means you are no better than he is.

Oh, you must have mistaken me for someone who cares.

I have, from the point of view of receiving a hit from behind, coaching players who have been on both ends of the hits, and I've penalized the hits as a referee. Not once, in any of my experiences, has any player receiving such a hit reacted in the way you did. EVERYBODY commenting on this says you were in the extreme wrong. Does that not tell you anything?

So you've never actually gotten a hit from behind or had head aches for weeks from a hit from behind? Have you actually ever played hockey?

You are a stubborn, mean-spirited person who is willing to recognize no limits in your means of revenge and retribution. People like you are a danger to society.
sure thing buddy!

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