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03-27-2013, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Highway to Cap Hell View Post
The 52 second mark for Staal is achieved by converting his TOI minutes (20:07) into seconds, and then dividing that by the number of shifts he took. So it would seem that the 52 second mark was indeed skewed by PP time.

Which is interesting, because John and MM had a nice little rant about how the leaders in the lockerroom (that was as specific as they got) need to listen to the coach, and used that number as proof that it wasn't happening. It was implied that Muller's comments were directly linked to that issue.

MM I can understand (though I believe that he is much smarter than some on this board will give credit) giving himself over to emotion, but John is interesting, because he seemed very PO'ed about this issue.
I can't imagine having Forslund's job at a time like this. As fans, we can rant, rave, curse and blame whoever we want.

Forslund has to try and draw positives out of this 6 game streak...and there's just nothing there. No line is producing, no defenseman is playing well, the special teams are awful, and now Forslund can't even talk about how well Muller's doing, because apparently the team is ignoring everything he says to do.

Plus, he has to deal with Tripp and Chantel. Not exactly the most prestigious broadcasting partners...

Once again, I'd love to hear Forslund "off the clock". Ask what he thinks about the team, the organization, Tripp, etc when (in this hypothetical situation) there will be no consequences for him speaking what's really on his mind.

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