Thread: Prospect Info: The 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-27-2013, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
You'll be paying the top 3 pick 3-3.775/yr already. Kulikov will most likely garner similar to EJ on his next RFA deal. probably 4-4.5m is my guess depending on the term. not a ton of savings between either option.

Again, I see the team much closer to the end of a rebuild than most apparently.

I'm not advocating trading the 1st for 1 player unless that player is Elite. I'm advocating adding multiple pieces, 1 of which for sure fills a glaring need while the others either fill a need as well, or add to bulking up the base of young cheaper talent/prospects.
Sorry but I think multiple pieces is a very bad idea.
Quantity for quality never works for the team giving up quality.
We are a very bad team right now. A new coach may or may not fix that. But if you think we belong into the playoffs next year, I think you would be wrong.

This draft is very strong. Arguably one of the strongest in the last few years. The way we play right now, we will have a top 5 pick. Maybe even TOP 3. Look at our recent history. Would you have been happy if we traded Duchene for "multiple pieces"?
What about Landeskog? Drouin, Mac and especially Jones are on par or even better prospects than those guys.
I would be so mad if we give up a shot at such a player only to make this team a little better next year.
Sekera, Kulikov and those kind of players are not worth our 1st. Not even close. If you want to trade Stastny or maybe even ROR(if PL gets his way) for them (they would have to add like crazy), maybe we could talk. But our 1st with us being the 2nd worst team right now?
No. Never. Next.

The only way to get a franchise players is through the draft. And the chance this year is particularly high. If we can not keep all of ROR/Stazz/Duchene longterm, deal one of Stazz or ROR for defensive help. But never ever give up a potential Top5 pick in a draft like this. It could haunt you for decades (so could trading ROR but he would only go because of PL)

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