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03-27-2013, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
While all of Pronger's previous teams that he left all were sent into the abyss of irrelevance, the Pronger trade itself is ancient history at this point. That was almost 4 years ago.

What had been done each season to get better? The year we got Pronger we had to clinch a playoff berth on the last day of the season. It's been more the job of the coach that we've done as well as we have. This year we downgraded both our defense and offense. The year before we traded away two key cogs to the eventual Cup Champs in favor of a goaltender who may or may not be a malcontent.

The only year the team got better was the year we had an awful season and went on a spending spree. Every year after that, the team got worse from one off-season to the next. Don't give me that they lost to the Cup Champion Bruins, because the organization obviously didn't care. I don't want no division titles as a point of reference either. They're irrelevant. I don't even know if Flyers have the banner hanging in the building. Holmgren has not "won" an off-season in years. That's the time of the year the team gets better, we get worse.

And don't tell me "well, he tried to get Parise, and Suter and Weber." He didn't. Period. The fact he was chasing ghosts and got burned is a condemnation, not to his credit.
We must have two different definitions of the term "worse." If anything, the team has stayed the same (up until this year). To me the team getting worse would mean, you know, the team actually got worse. Going to conference finals, Cup finals, and the second round in all but one year of his tenure doesn't strike me as a team getting worse each year. Again, you may not agree with moves he made or like the outlook of the future, but to say that the team has gotten worse each year is 100% inaccurate.

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