Thread: Prospect Info: The 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-27-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by AslanRH View Post
I get the love and hype of draft picks on HF like an Unopened Christmas present, but

Where is the difference in risk vs benefit between trading and drafting?

-trading a 1st for another piece (pieces most likely) with a little more established history. Kulikov, Sekera, Nikitin, etc as just quick examples.


-taking 1 player who may or may not fit a need or have a more immediate impact that has yet to play a pro game

Either option carries certain risks.
Any player drafted could wind up being Hishon 2.0, or Hickey, or could be Kane or Hedman.

I doubt a trade happens, but the argument that we should all consider/accept that a top 5 pick as untradeable makes no sense to me as long as the value coming back is appropriate.

If GMs value top 5 picks as much as HF, a very good package should be easy to obtain.
I generally agree that hf overvalues picks by a good bit, but I don't think it applies to the top five pick well likely be getting. Sure we don't know that the guy we draft will become elite, but we'd be much more confident than if we're banking on kulikov becoming elite.

Trading for one of the names you mentioned is just a hedge. It's a safe play. You can be a middle of the pack/playoff contender that way, but you won't win championships.

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