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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
In the NHL, we'll end up seeing a similar type of thing. Players on ELCs and AHL veterans will fill the bottom line or two, and at least three of seven or eight spots on the blueline. So what will happen is that there will be free agents on the street who are actual 2nd- and 3rd-line players, with the occasional 1st-liner. There'll be 2nd- and 3rd-pairing defensemen, and multiple starting goalies. And when that amount of actual NHL talent exists outside of the league itself, it makes expansion viable.
... expansion perhaps, but so too transmigration, guys heading to Europe, the KHL to play out their careers, strengthening & bolstering that league further. The rancorous CBA negotiations & Lockout as we know was as much about lowering the players %'s as it was short term in getting rid of non-performing contracts, getting rid of the dead wood, app 240 players gone from the NHL thus far who in 2011-12 had NHL Contracts & were playing in the league. More than double annual attrition levels. Lowering the boom on the players pretty much from the 2nd line & 2nd defensive pairings on back per team.

What we'll be seeing is higher turnover of player personnel with younger & cheaper talent inbound at 19-21, outbound & gone by 24-25 when teams find themselves up against the Cap in paying the top 5 on the team plus the #1 goaltender about 65% of it. As the majority of players arriving in the NHL are works in progress as it is, with even higher turnover what the Hell do you think thats going to do to the product on the ice even without Expansion being considered? Crazy White Rich Guy still gonna over-pay, GM's facilitate, expedite, keeps job. A league of three or four high end performers per team, the rest all fillers with revolving doors in the dressing rooms speeded up, full revolution & voila, Puckchenko. Is that hockey? Not in my book. System, models broken, busted, no vision, eff'd.

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