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08-10-2006, 03:19 AM
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Lifting my slapshot took me almost a year to do when I first started playing! I worked on it all the time though and now I'm well chuffed with it.

First off make sure your stance is correct. Your feet should be a bit wider than your shoulders and the puck should be level with your front skate but obviously out where you can strike it. This allows you to step in to it with your weight, adding more power. In the video above, the player is standing at a diagonal angle to the target.

In the video, note where the puck is when the stick is at a 90 degree angle after coming down from the wind up. Your head, shoulder, stick and front skate should pretty much match up in a verticle line. Pause the vid or drag the button to that point to see.

If the puck is further back from your front skate, then the blade does not get any lift under it. Also note that the player hits the ice about 4 inches behind the puck. This makes the stick bow and then adds more velocity to your shot when the puck is released. Depending on your strength and stick flex, you should experiment to see how far behind the puck you make contact with the ice.

On the come down, make sure you grip the stick tightly, hit the puck with the middle of your blade and follow through pointing the blade at your target. While shooting, your weight transfer should naturally go from your two feet, to just your front foot, hence you can see the guy lift his back foot off the ice a bit towards the end of the shot.

Another point to note is that the chest is the point where the stick pivots, you can see once you pass the vertical line (head, shoulder, stick and front skate), the top hand on the stick comes back and the bottom hand goes forward.

Hope this helps

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