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03-27-2013, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by coldsteelonice84 View Post
Look at A LOT of them. I looked at about 25 over a period of 2 months and the one I bought is so far above the rest in every way. It's a cliche I didn't believe in until it happened to me but when you walk through the door of your home, you'll know.
Oh yeah, I'm planning on it. Unless I find a place this weekend that I absolutely love and for the right price, I'm fully planning on checking out the area as much as possible, though I need to move ASAP as I'll need to be out of my current place by the end of May. Looking at both condos and houses, too. From what the realtor said, he's expecting my price range to be more in the line of ranch-style homes, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on a number of things, for obvious reasons.

Originally Posted by RayP View Post
IIRC, didn't you just recently start a new job within the last 5-6 months... or was that a promotion or switch in position?

That's gotta be hurting you with your interest rate for the time being, unless you plan on sucking it up for a few years and then refinancing onces you have a longer track record with work.

And I believe you. Don't believe Goots McPoops, think he's all talk. Hope he proves me wrong.
I was promoted about five months ago, though I have been with the company only about a year now. The good thing is that the job is very stable and the corporate heads are extremely happy with me as my office went from being essentially the least busy in the entire company to being the fourth busiest since I've gotten here (out of 15 or so, I think), so I don't need to worry about the job drying up like I had to in the past with my mostly political work.

And don't know what the rate will be quite yet. Should be getting a prelim list of possible places today, reviewing them tonight and tomorrow, visiting the ones I'm interested in on Saturday, submitting the necessary material for loan preapproval on Monday, and then hoping to avoid a double whammy and find out that I've got good prospects for a loan and hopefully some good properties in my price range. This Saturday, likely going to be looking at places in Skokie, Niles, and Morton Grove. From there, I'll probably look a bit more to the north and if push comes to shove I'll glance a bit more to the west as well. So, while there's a lot on my plate moving forward, I'm still very early in the process.

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