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03-27-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Utterly Disgusting View Post
I'm sort of shocked by the comments stating they don't follow the rest of the league. I understand some of you have families or not as much free time, but I try to watch every game that I can.
Depends on the viewpoint. There are people who are just hockey fans who have their team, and then follow the NHL. Then there are "American/insert other nations traditional sports here" sports fans" and then there are people like me that take all of it way too seriously and follow around more than 30, perhaps more if I count different leagues of sports.

For instance, on any given weekend I have about 10+ different sporting events going on, most of them NOT being hockey, so why would I watch something I have no "tie in" to instead of watching things that I do? I don't have time to watch a random NHL game when I could be watching say, the U in the NCAA wrestling finals instead.

I mean, I have THREE hockey teams I follow - Wild, U and the Toledo Walleye. That's just the same bloody sport, not even the 25 others I'm interested in and follow. In my spot it's too widespread to follow "leagues", so you mainly have to follow teams.

Also, I'm at the point that with no rooting interest I could care less. You watch so much of the same stuff over and over and it's the same unless it's your squad. You can only listen to the same hyperbole and cliches so much.

Usually about 20 years of that and I think most go down that route unless they aren't massive fans of other teams or sports.

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