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03-27-2013, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by BoxerMax View Post
I agree, but injury has allot to do with a length of suspension. Which I do not agree with.
That is my biggest issue with the way the OHL hands out suspensions. Had Carnavale not been hurt, it's quite likely that Mistele would have incurred a reduced or no suspension at all. I also referenced two other incidents that occurred earlier this season against the Whalers (one by Posa, the other by Hottot), where the action by the opponent could only be interpreted as a deliberate intent to injure, yet because fortunately the Plymouth player did not get injured, the suspension was very short in one case, and no suspension was assessed in the 2nd case (which actually was three separate incidents by the same player in the same game).

This is the third suspension of 5 or more games assessed to a Plymouth player this season. Each was for an incident that occurred near the puck during the course of play. The two incidents by opponents I mentioned were either far away from the play (Posa) or occurred well after play had been whistled dead (Hottot in all three of his infractions). That is one of the reasons I think the league deals with Plymouth more harshly than some other teams.

I hope WhalerBlue is able to post the video of the Mistele hit -- I could not find one. When I saw the play live, it did not look like much -- certainly nothing that I would expect to result in such a severe suspension. Of course, our eyes can deceive us in such situations, so seeing a replay of the incident would be beneficial to the discussion.

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