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03-27-2013, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JusticeBeaver View Post
Without divulging into comparable salaries or stats, one can account his worth for looking at what he does, not what he cannot do.

A hard nosed vet, who is vocal in the locker room and is a shot blocking machine (that will be a huge factor in the playoffs by the way).

He won't clear the crease with ease, nor will he get you 15 goals. However he shows qualities that every team should have. Character, showmanship, never-say-die mentality. Just the 'head down and give er' type guy who sets examples. Is never in the headlines, and I am okay with that.

Worth it.
I think that bolded point needs to be reinforced. Salaries aren't determined by working backwards from what the "perfect" player "should" give you for the league maximum. They're figured on what the player brings to the table, and allows for different kinds of skillsets to be "worth" the same after all the reckoning is done.

It'd be nice to save more money on Gorges, but when you add up everything that's good about having him on the Habs, and what he does, $3.9M/year doesn't seem like an amount that's worth spending the time dissecting for value. Seems absolutely fair, imo.

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