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Originally Posted by theoriginal55 View Post
Second, does a new NBA arena in Sacramento now possibly put them into the NHL franchise sweepstakes?
I'd rather doubt that. The city already has a fairly crowded sports market, including bizarrely a team in a Professional Paintball League (Sacramento EXS pronounced Excessive which even more strangely plays out of Modesto). Whats not clear is just what the hecks going on between the Maloofs' & Hansen, as supposedly there was in fact a legally binding sale agreement signed between these two parties back on January 21st & confirmed by the Maloofs. The only reason any of this remotely germane or pertinent of course in speculating as to what the NHL might be planning. Fairly long line of Domino's, but with Ron Burkle involved in Sacramento, I wouldnt be counting my chickens before they hatched up in Seattle.

Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Someone tell me why I'm wrong, because I KNOW I am- 250 hours, that's like 10 days (or 20 if they are doing 12 hr a day)...Something weird is going on here.
Ya thats for sure, and no question Beacon'll burn through that retainer & cap quickly enough. No way does 250hrs get this thing sorted.... billable hours, billable.... at full Attorney Rate.... eighty five lunches charged... Councillor?, you are the engine that drives this machine..... Intolerable Cruelty.... should be performance clauses, ryders & bonuses written into that Contract....

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