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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong.... but I don't see anything in the duties of Beacon that has anything to do with the Coyotes. This is all about arena management the way I see it, and not about keeping the team... Or am I wrong?
Their tasked with two issues, life with or life without the Coyotes in drafting two separate RFP's pursuant to the Arena Management Contract's. With the former obviously the AMC would be enjoined to the franchise ergo they would act as the lead in dealing with any potential buyer's, then presenting the COG with whatever it is that theyve' negotiated on behalf of Glendale, making recommendations, presenting it to Council for review & approval. Failing that, whatever proposals they receive for Arena Management Services absent an anchor tenant and likewise presented to Council.

And yes Hawker14, I agree. The COG shouldve gone elsewhere, your suggestion or perharps SportsCorp out of New York. Beacon's got history in Glendale, with the Reinsdorfs, Beasley, a lot of baggage.... but as your avy suggests, sometimes stupid is as stupid does. A completely fresh set of eyes free of any accusations or hint of duplicity whats absolutely required, a firm with considerably more heft, weight & experience. Beacon is several notches below top end & if your going to be taking on the NHL, youd best be hiring a Super Heavy and not Middle Weights.

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