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03-27-2013, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
In all honestly, a lot of the poor record has to do with the end of last season and the playoffs.

But my question is, why are we 8-2 when he's out?
Originally Posted by nickyno72 View Post
Hey boys, I basically joined just to share this comment I made on a Bleacher Report article. Yah, I know B/R; I'm one of those guys. But I've been lurking these forums for years, and just have never registered. I appreciated the humor of a lot of the posters nihilism here. Anyways this is from ten days ago and doesn't include the current 3 game win streak, so it may be even more inclined towards the Wings being better without Q.

Sorry, but Kyle Quincey is not vital to the Wings at all. I've actually done some research to prove my point. As some other people have pointed out the Wings are quite a bit better when he doesn't play.

Prior to the Quincey trade in 2012 the Wings were an impressive 41-18-2.

Then, all hell broke loose when Holland opened up a time warp by trading for Quincey.

Including the playoffs the Wings would go on to finish their 2012 campaign (including playoffs) with a record of...wait for it, 7(2 Shootout Ws)- 14-4.

The disappointing playoff exit wouldn't change this trend. So far in 2013 the Wings are 11(2 Shootout Ws)-10-5 when Quincey plays.

Since acquiring Quincey the Wings are 17(4 Shootout Ws)-24-8. This is a win percentage of 34.

When Quincey is NOT in the lineup since 2011-12 the Wings have an amazing record of 44-19-2 for a win percentage of 68.

I'm not a math wizard... BUT this seems to imply that the team is twice as good when Quincey is NOT in the line up.

So I'm not sure this stud dman is all that vital to a team, unless we're gunning for the number one draft pick. (For reference last seasons worst team was the Bluejackets who had a win percentage of 35.)

Also, when the Wings got Quincey back (from the TB/COL swap) that a lot of things changed. Home winning streak ended. Lidstrom got hurt. For whatever reason the Wings took of their memorial patch for Lokomotiv. Ever since trading for him there has been some bad juju going with this team.
This is interesting no matter what.
How long is he staying out?

He has the biggest impact on the team by far.

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