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Originally Posted by hoserthehorrible View Post
Whatever dude"? Is that how you handle your own frustration when you can't argue a valid point? Yeah, whatever dude.

Did I say everyone sucks? No, I didn't. I said the Avs have some young forwards that can play at the top level now. I also said they had a young goalie that is ready to play at the top level now as well. I also mentioned EJ. That covers your list of players to drool over.

Just because the Leafs made a bunch of mistakes doesn't justify the Avs making them too. The argument that someone else is worse off doesn't make it right. I never said Jones should have been let go for nothing. However, he shouldn't have been signed to a four year deal at $4 per year either. The smart GM would have signed him before he became a free agent to a more reasonable deal or he would have gotten asset(s) for him if he wasn't in the long term plans before he became a free agent.

My premise that putting a GOOD coach behind the bench or adding a top draft pick or a top free agent is not going to make the Avs a cup contender stands. You've said nothing to prove that wrong. The Avs defense is the problem. They don't have a defensive core that is good enough to get deep into the playoffs let alone win a cup. If the Avs are serious about winning a cup they need to overhaul their defense; plain and simple.
Can't argue a valid point? How do you mean? I gave you my argument.

It's like when you tell people that EJ's stats are suffering from the fact that he's playing 45 seconds on the 2nd PP unit featuring THREE wingers.

Then they respond with "he's getting PP time, he should produce".
What do you want to do? People don't get it, they don't get it.

It's not JUST the leafs, go through each team, one-by-one and see how each team compares with our core.

Also, as for your last bolded statement, I've actually never even said that with a GOOD coach and a top pick it would make us instant cup contenders, you might want to go re-read that. I said that with a GOOD coach we were definite PLAYOFF contenders, we will need to take our 'lumps' in the playoffs for 2-3 years before we are ready to contend. <- I truly believe that and have written it over and and over

About Jones, I said at the time, that if they are to sign him, the MAX I would give him is $3.5M or else I'd let him walk. I was extremely surprised to see him get $4M for 4 years when it happened.

Who knows, maybe Lacroix uses the compliance buyout on him and then uses that as an excuse to fire Sherman as well.

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