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03-27-2013, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Defenseman A)
First 82 games in the league
3 12 15

Defenseman B)
First 82 games in the league
2 6 8

Defenseman C)
First 82 games in the league
2 7 9

One of these players won the Norris Trophy. Another of the players was a Norris candidate who was considered one of the best offensive defensemen. The third is John Moore.

This is normally where I would talk about patience, how defensemen take a while to develop, and that it doesn't make sense to assume he'll follow Klesla's or Russell's path.

But this is new agreeable Skraut, so Moore=Klessell 2.0
It's a good point, and it has me questioning whether I'm being too impatient with Moore. I wonder what those other two players (who you regrettably left unnamed) looked like in their first two years.

Some young defencemen have the tools and try really hard to produce offence but just can't get their shots through or can't set up the forwards quite right. I'm not really seeing that with Moore, he doesn't have the go for it instinct. John Moore has the ambition of a bottom-pair defenceman.

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