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Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
Happy to see all the love for Kamensky. Since the discussion is opened to all Russian players I'll add his teammate Alexei Gusarov. Totally unassuming, quiet, steady defenseman. Great first pass out of the zone. Goose helped make the young Adam Foote a better player.
Great call, and bang on with the "quiet, steady". There's someone who was completely dedicated to the game when he played, and has remained completely dedicated to the game since; as a coach and now as a general manager, I believe, back home. Didn't get too many full seasons out of him, though, despite coming over in his mid-20s c.f. guys like Makarov in their 30s.

I remember some talk about him here in Halifax the year he came over (had some kind of family pack/season tickets back then), and I think he may have been one of the Citadels that came to our pee-wee team's practice (they made the rounds of top teams' practices back then). I know I "scored a goal" on Ron Tugnutt (still have the signed Citadels puck, lol), but there were two guys that I can't quite remember, as not even Tugnutt came out in a numbered/name plated uniform. Just ran to check the stick I also have in the garage, and it's Dave Espe's, so maybe it was him instead. Looking back at how few games both he and Tugnutt played down here, that would have been some timing.

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