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03-27-2013, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Yea, I was thinking it had to be about finding an owner for the Yotes, but you make the good point that there was nothing there about the Yotes, just finding an arena manager, with our without them, to work the arena. That makes more sense. I don't think you're wrong-I just jumped to conclusions

@Goyotes-well played
There's nothing to prevent the COG from using this process to gauge interest and options, and use that as leverage in the negotiations with the NHL, or conversely, to justify a subsidy for the Coyotes to retain them as an anchor tenant. Either way, it would seem that the COG comes out ahead. If they get a viable bid that works out well financially, for the first time they will not be in the position of having no viable options in their negotiations with the NHL. Previously, it has been the NHL using threats of relocation to extract money from the COG.

If they discover that without the Coyotes as an anchor tenant, there is no viable plan for managing the, then they would have that as a political and legal basis for justifying an inflated AMF for a Coyotes owner.

It makes one wonder why the previous council and city managers have resisted this approach so assiduously.

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