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Originally Posted by nmain37 View Post
I am looking at building a computer probably around the high performance gaming enthusiast build. My question is with using most of those parts do I have to over clock I don't plan to. Also for around $1000 minus the gpu is that top of the line ?
$1000 buys quite a lot of computer even including the video card. Not quite top of the line, but you can get pretty close as far as single card setups go.

For reference I usually spend about $1400 on a totally new build. That normally lasts me about 3 years before needing to upgrade something.

And overclocking is never required

Originally Posted by CanadienDude View Post
Don't find it too loud?

Also looking into getting a GTX680 and the AMD promo is so much better than nvidias -_-
No, but I'd prefer my system be as cool as possible here in Arizona. Antec 1100 is one of the best all out performance based cases, really not much for silence anyway.

If you don't want to get a fan controller you could always get some of those fans that have switches built in to them and just disable the top fan. The Top fan doesn't do much for stock speed systems in my experience.

Far as the promo goes, sometimes people sell their promo codes cheaper than they are worth. Might have a look around for that

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