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03-27-2013, 02:04 PM
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Team Canada (AUS) for 2013 FISU World University Games

The Spring evaluation camp is this weekend in Fredericton.

Here's the list of invitees as they appear on the schedule. I'm guessing INJ is injured?:

Anthony Peters, Alex Emond, Charles Lavigne, Wayne Savage, Dana Fraser, Mike D’Oozio (INJ) [they meant D'Orazio obviously], Drew Owsley, Eric Faille, Marc A Desnoyers, Cullen Morin, Jordan Knox, Adrian Robertson, Chris Owens, Mike Kirkpatrick, Ben Shutron, Matt Maoine, Mike Cazzola, Daine Todd, Samuel Groulx, Brett Thompson, Chris Culligan, Josh Day, Chris Desousa, Jason Bast (INJ), Simon Lacroix, Robert Slaney, Stephen Johnston(INJ), Alex Wall, Liam Heelis, Cam Braes, Reggie Tracitto, Lucas Bloodoff, Corey Tanaka(INJ), Spencer McAvoy, Nick MacNeil, Pierre Vandalle, Tyler Carroll, Ryan Hillier, Matt Tipoff(INJ), Brennan Wray, Dustin Ekelman, Stephen Sanza, Spencer Anderson, Jon Groenheyde

Interesting to see the name of a guy who have yet to play in the AUS: Slaney

EDIT: I originally had Anderson in this post as not playing yet, but of course he was a rookie with Acadia. Oops.

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