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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
SCSU has looked good this year in the few times i've seen them so we'll see what they do. I was also very impressed with how Notre Dame played against Michigan, I could see them going far as well. Should be a lot of fun this weekend.

Almost zero on Friday but after that it's anyones guess.

Minn has a good team, they could easily win it all this year just hope that we see a North Dakota/Minnesota game on Saturday and that UND takes it (though that willbe tough)

I watched much of the 1st, the Blades looked like they had no idea what to do, i'm surprised it wasn't 10-0 as it was that ugly. Very soft in their own end. The good news is that they should at least have a lot of time to work on things before the Memorial Cup.

Would be silly to trade him, personally I don't think he's played that bad.

I hope not. Several times i've noticed when watching the blades, they don't seem to be well coached. Would not want to see him back there, no way.

Sullivan hasn't looked very good at all though, so we'll need to see how much he improves each year. Didier has been much more impressive in each of his 2 seasons so far.

I don't but can say that Didier is a big boy. He moves well and plays a defensive style, along with a good physical game.
I agree, he hasn't been great, but he hasn't been as bad as people are making it out to be. No need to start panicking. Let's also remember that he isn't a first round draft pick.

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