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03-27-2013, 03:43 PM
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From Bad to awful

I've carefully reviewed our contracts, cap space, trade candidates and current spot in the standings and I think things have gone from bad to awful.

The reason Feaster hasn't been able to 'blow it up' and rebuild is because he is still handcuffed.

1) Iginla controls where he goes. NMC. List of teams lowers price because the need to out bid someone isn't there. You are only outbidding his list of teams. That and he is the face of the franchise. You HAVE to get a quality return. The pressure would be unfathomable.

2) Kipper. He won't get traded, might retire and we don't have the goalie depth we were led to believe. Why target Bernier and Subban if we have such depth? They know more than us.

3) JBo. NTC, hefty salary. He controls where he goes, again lowering their options. But he plays well for Hartley, so we could build around him.

4) Cammy. NTC, huge price tag for his production. Cap goes down, must scare other GMs.

5) Tangs/GlenX - both have NTC, but hold some value. Both WANT to be here, so I doubt they waive.

Cap going down next year, we are at 49 contracts, multiple NTC's hampering our chance to move players. This week won't be as exciting and we as Flames fans better start preparing to be disappointed in the return for Iginla.

Best case scenario is we can finish in the bottom 5, get a top 5 pick. Maybe group some picks together from the Iggy trade with another player to get another high pick.

But you are going to see and very similar roster next year minus our 2 best players if Kipps retires. We can't trade everyone even if we wanted to.

Do u agree? Do u think we are in a bad situation that just got worse over the past few weeks?

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