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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
And that's where it's interesting-trying to find some enjoy(end)ment with the Yotes as anchor would mean you're having to find someone who is willing to buy the team, but what happens if its a deal that's okay with CoG but not the NHL?
Yes, and this is where it gets circumspect with Beacon. They have a pre-existing and fairly close relationships with the Reinsdorfs, with Michaels company IFG specifically, they've had their names linked to if not included on writs pursuant to the CHL's shady dealings in Texas, California & Arizona (Hocking, AllState etc) and thats just for starters. Dont get me goin on Leventhal & Beacon.

October 2008, after Moyes comes looking for relief from the City, Ed Beasley upon Michael Reinsdorf's advice hires Beacon to conduct a study & assessment of the arena for $48,000, just under the $50,000 maximum that wouldve required Council approval. And so what did the city get for its 48K?...

*Expand Local Broadcast Revenues
*Increase Bookings of non-hockey events
*Increase suite sales
*Increase sponsorship & advertising
*Increase ticket sales

.... Thank you Captain Obvious. I'll be. 'F' me sideways. Who knew it was so simple?

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