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08-10-2006, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I think it should be more than "If you don't like it, turn it off". I will admit that I've never, not once, watched the show (I don't even know what channel it's on, I don't know anything about the channels that come before 10 except chan 3). But going by what gets posted here, this crap makes me sick. How is a show like this allowed to exist on the air?

Entertainment? Is it entertainment if I were to start a show making stereotypes of Blacks and Jews? Or Quebecers? That's entertainment to you? If I want to be entertained, I'll watch sports, or a comedy, or even a drama. I don't watch bigots and racists that make comments under the guise of "it's just senile old men and it's entertaining".

It shouldn't be "turn it off if you don't like it". That kind of crap shouldn't be on in the first place.
Well, not here to defend them, 'cause it's not really worth it, but again, the majority of things that I hear on that show are not AGAINST any race, color or anything like that but FOR francophones and the belief that having more guys or your own than the actual 4 or 5 will make your team better. Could be dumb, could be wise, could be something in the middle, but I don't call it racist. Not like Cherry who says something along all French Canadian are cowards 'cause they wear a visor.....I believe there's a significant difference between those two.

The only comment that looks like it and that we hear on this show, but you know what on this board and a lot too, is that Europeans and mostly Russians, don't give it all 'cause they're just waiting to go back home. Again, generalizing is never a good thing and that comment, when I hear it on that show or on this board, I just think it's pure ignorance. But besides it is entertainment 'cause they don't spend this whole 20 minutes speaking that way. Now if it's good or bad entertainment, well take your pick.

But what started all of this is the all-time low as far as francos are concerned with the Habs in the regular lineup. If we would've been at 7 or 8, never would you have heard those kinds of comments I believe. What those guys are missing though, is that since they have no clue about the prospects we have, they don't know that Lapierre, Ferland and Côté are about to make it, which then would make the ''Franco ratio'' go up and everybody will be happy.....

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