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03-27-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Hal 9000 View Post
It seems to me that those people who take him seriously are the people who claim to not like him, people like yourself, beauchamp and Jussi among others. You're the ones who need to relax and stop trying to assign thoughts and ideologies that just aren't there.

I like Cherry, and, some of his views are bang on - not all of them, but if a scorecard was available, I'll bet he's right more often than any other hockey pundit. At least cherry will go out on a limb and challenge the establishment. The no-touch icing is just one example, Instigator another, and that's been championed by Cherry. The Lebruns and McKenzies of the league didn't say squat until they knew it was safe to say something.
It's not those who take him seriously and don't like him that worrying.

It's those who take him seriously and approve of what he says.

And I did acknowledge that he's right from time to time.

Long life to Cherry the libertarian...

beauchamp is online now