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03-27-2013, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Because if he is actually good, which is the hope right, that is why this is even a debate, that will never happen.

If he is so good that he never goes back to the minor leagues that extra year will be even more valuable.

I liked having Papelbon one more year, did you? I think it is a good thing to have good players on good salaries. WEIRD I KNOW.
Sure, but that only matters if you CAN'T PAY THE GUY. The Sox have plenty of money to spend, especially since they offloaded about $400 trillion dollars to the freaking Dodgers last year, remember? If they're worried about losing control of a player 7 years from now, things are going to be pretty ****ing bleak in these parts. For them to even consider this is disgusting. They can't cry poor because this isn't the Pirates or Tampa Bay, FFS...

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