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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Maybe, but....

Bobrov was the head guy, and not only was he almost opposite to Tarasov, but they hated each other, so I find it very hard to believe he didn't change significant parts of the system.
It's hard to say, though I have my doubts that Bobrov was much of a coach, at all. I get the strong impression that he was brought in as a replacement because he was a big name and because the apparatchiks wanted to give Tarasov the axe, one way or another. Bobrov only lasted for two seasons, and Kulagin was retained as assistant coach for the duration. Through Kulagin, who was Tarasov's assistant as CSKA for about ten years (meaning he likely spent more time directly working with Tarasov than even Chernyshev) there seems to have been a good deal of continuity in the system, which doesn't differ much from 1972 through 1977, when he was fired quite dramatically during the final period of the last game of the tournament (minutes before losing to the Swedes and handing a second straight IIHF title to the Czechs). The Soviets always knew how to have a good meltdown.

I think it's unlikely that Bobrov changed much in the short time between his hiring and the 1972 series, and what we saw in 1972 is more or less what was still being done at the time Tikhonov took control. It's all somewhat speculative, but I think the 1972-77 Soviet system is basically Tarasov's baby. He is generally credited for what was good in that system; it is hard to see why he shouldn't be credited for its faults, as well.

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