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03-27-2013, 03:48 PM
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I think it got worse cuz most fans (albeit from HF) expected big returns from guys like Iggy, Kipper and JBo. I am not convinced this is possible anymore. Unless teams are desperate, the cap going down next year and all the NMC this team has really limits the return in many deals.

And by mentioning GlenX and Tangs, I meant they could fetch us a good return in 'blow it up' along with the others but I am perfectly fine with keeping these two.

Point is, we don't have contract space to bring back bodies in deadline deals. A lower cap next year ultimately lowers any value for a selling team as you would have to take salary back. Iggy isn't getting the offers we hoped and the list of teams he would waive to must understand its in their favor as we must get something for him. Kipper doesn't have a NTC but basically just created his own.

Those are situations no one saw pre-lockout. Cap, contracts, Kipps, and Owners finally backing the decsion to move Iggy.

Oh and Sven got hurt then sad.

So I think it did get bad to worse.

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