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03-27-2013, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Guru Meditation View Post
I think the idea that Sproul needs work in his own zone is perfectly reasonable (and accurate). Where it goes off the rails is claiming that Murphy is this amazing defenseman that nobody recognizes aside from Faidh and Canes fans.
Yup, most Wings fans don't have a problem admitting Sproul is very much a work in progress. Haven't seen that argued differently, I just would rather have Sproul than Murphy at this point and have no problem saying that. To each his own I guess.

Sproul would be getting a lot of pub no matter who he was playing for this year, his season was that good offensively. His skill set and size would still be intriguing. In fact I would argue in a lot of organizations he would have made a more solid jump. They just did the rankings here and he still sits at 7th in the organization, 6th when you kick out Smith in those rankings. The guy that has gained the most steam isn't even Sproul, it is Mrazek and that is pretty true of the Red Wings fanbase as well.

The only thing Sproul's big season has done is help him in the Sproul and Ouellet debate. But when any teams prospect wins d-man of the month twice you are going to hear about it and people are going to get excited. I take Ouellet over both in terms of NHL ready and the total solid game he plays.

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