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03-27-2013, 04:21 PM
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2 Boston deals with the Alberta teams

Both of these proposed deals involve Edmonton/Calgary retaining a little salary next year to help Boston with it's cap issue... and involve Boston using compliance buyouts on a couple of unwanted contracts so that Edmonton/Calgary don't lose a lot of actual money on the exchange.

Deal with Calgary is obviously after Iginla... If Iginla is willing to extend a deal in order to play for Boston that I would give up quite a lot for him... especially if he became affordable. So work with me here. I am guessing that he is a reasonable person and realizes he is getting older. He doesn't seem like the type of guy that likes to move around. So give him an ironclad NMC and a 5 year deal at around 25 million dollars {5 cap hit per year} Front load it as much as possible in case he needs to be bought out as a 40 year old.

I suggest Calgary would need to eat a couple million in year 1 to make Iginla affordable.

The deal than becomes
Sarich {would be playoff depth that Boston buys him out if they cant flip him}


Subban {all the rumors say this is the guy Calgary wants}
Bartowski {Caron and Bartowski are just affordable guys to plug in during rebuild}
Calgary choice of 2013 or 2014 first round pick
and a second round pick in whatever year Calgary doesn't exercise the first

Basically 2 firsts and a second for a signed Iginla. Boston pays a bit more to get Calgary to help with the cap issue.

Second deal is with Edmonton and basically the same thing. This one I propose that Boston deals Chris Kelly. I know he is injured. I also propose they deal Andrew Ference. I know he is a pending UFA. For those that don't know Ference is an Alberta area kid who was happy playing in Calgary.

From Edmonton
Nicholas Shultz {subsidized 1/2 his contract to make him affordable}
Eric Belenger {playoff depth than a compliance buyout probably}
Chris Kelly {will be healthy again next year
Andrew Ference ** I suggest Edmonton sign him... hes going to be cheaper than Schultz as a 6th dman}

This move gives Edmonton a much needed change in vetern leadership and vetern leadership that has winning experience. I love Kelly/Ference but Boston needs to cut down our payroll a lot to get everyone signed next year and the year after that too probably.

Schultz can play a top 4 role better than Ference can and Boston might have a hole in the top 4 if an injury happened. Belenger has sucked recently but was a fairly useful player before he got to Edmonton... a change of scenery might rejuvenate him. if not, his buyout will be around the same as the money saved on Schultz.

Boston gets to play next year with Iginla/Schultz instead of Horton/Ference as a reduced cost and IMO its quite an upgrade. Kelly is hard to lose but Spooner needs room in the lineup. He doesn't have anything left to prove with another season in the AHL.

Giving up so many picks sucks... but that's what teams do that are trying to win a cup.

and that's why id be happy if my Bruins made these 2 moves. I think the moves are in the best interest of Edmonton/Calgary too but Im a Bruin fan so I wait to be corrected.

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