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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Are we then to conclude that they didn't actually believe what they said (supported by Hocking), while asking Glendale citizens to accept it as fact?
I believe they did believe that generally & collectively their positions were solid & sound as they had no reason to doubt the foundation upon which those beliefs were based. Didnt ask enough questions. Well beyond the scope of their lifes experiences and as such they put their trsut in, and had no reason not to trust their City Manager, Ellman, Bettman, Hulsizer & Jamison. No idea that they'd been coerced, a false system of values & beliefs instilled. Menticide. That their perceptions were incorrect, judgement clouded, faulty. Destabilised. Gaslit. Love Bombed. Gehirnwasche. Brainwashed.

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