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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
The people who complain about his system don't understand hockey. They don't understand that dumping and chasing is just a fact of life in hockey. It happens - and especially so on teams that don't have the offensive skill or creativity to carry the puck into the zone; or when you play against teams that play a neutral zone pressure/trap like system. They don't understand that this team doesn't have the puck skills outside of Nash, Richie when he's clicking, and maybe a few others like Step, Cally, and Hags to be able to consistently carry the puck into the zone, so they revert to the safe - and smart - hockey play of dumping it in (would you rather see more stupid JT Miller-style turnovers that lead to odd-man rushes? Lets get real).
So, you come in here preaching the fact that you understand hockey better than everyone else, and then go ahead and only address half of the system that people have grown fond of attacking. On top of that, you try to make a point that our forwards aren't skilled enough to carry the puck into the zone, and then you name 5 of the top 6 as guys that certainly are capable of doing just that. I don't think anyone here wants or expects to see the third and fourth line backing the defense up with speed and creativity at the blueline - they're expected to dump and chase.

My problem with Torts' system is in the defensive zone. The collapsing, shot blocking style not only puts players at elevated risk for injury, it puts undue pressure on the whole team in the defensive end of the ice because it concedes possession. They allow the point men insane amounts of space while begging them to take point shots, and if they are unsuccessful at blocking those shots there are three possible outcomes:

1. A save by the goalie and then a faceoff.
2. A goal, and often a weird one. How often does Henrik get beat by weird deflections? Not a coincidence.
3. A rebound, either off the keeper or the boards that most times results in the process starting all over again because the defensive, reactive posture of the Rangers in their end leads to them getting beat in loose puck races.

This stifles offense like crazy. Odd man rushes and good scoring chances in the NHL are generated by forcing your opponent into mistakes. Grinding and cycling on offense often leads to these breakdowns, but so does aggressive defense. This, in addition to the fact that we have the best goalie in the world (he doesn't need people blocking/deflecting shots for him), is why I hate Torts system.

The system includes the time when the other team has the puck.

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