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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
that s2 finale battle scene was ridiculous. I think Hershel shot 30+ times with that shotgun that holds 6-8 rounds tops. I do gotta say I thought Hershel was a goner during that scene until Rick showed up literally at the last possible second and saved him. Hershel has had the closest calls out of the group IMO and I have a feeling he won't make it. But since that's the obvious choice the show has to axe another central characte for the "shock value". I just hope it's not Daryl. Only Rick and Carl are off limits IMO on who they can't lose from the show due to those 2 being the central characters/relationship.
Herschel is done.

Once he gave Glen his blessing to marry Maggie, that's his swansong. No longer needed.

You can't take a hobble along for the ride into the deeps.

Hope the baby dies soon too.

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