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03-27-2013, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by GrandPapillon View Post
It isn't about playing favorites, it is about defending a player who gets a lot of unwarranted criticism from a group of fans who a lot of times don't know what they are talking about.

Backes called someone out. People decided it must be Perron because they don't like the way he plays. Then later they re-write history and state Backes calling out Perron as a fact and is evidence that Perron is selfish. I mean, you guys have a right to circular reasoning and misquoting others to draw erroneous conclusions, but I am just trying to stop some of you from looking foolish.

It is funny that the venom against Perron has reached the level that any mistake he makes is put under the microscope at this point. The fans did the same things to Turgeon and Demitra before. I guess if Perron fought or laid out huge hits or played "gritty" he would get a free pass.
Exactly. You could argue Perron is having a better season than Backes and I would think he is.. but no one is allowed to bash Backes. The Perron hate on this board is ridiculous, especially for how talented he is.

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