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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Actions speak louder than words? What part of they couldn't keep him do you not understand? It wasn't their choice, he had to be sent down. A guy like Morgan Rielly didn't make the NHL either, he probably would have if the season started on time. I would wager Murphy would have too, given the comments by Carolina.

Coaches who only see a player twice vote on this poll. No coach will have seen a player that year more than six times. The best skating players in the OHL were not named top skater, because they aren't producing. If the point totals were reversed, without a doubt Murphy would have won it. Brock, who watches the OHL more than just about everyone, picked Murphy as his best skater. The polls are not indicitive of how is the better prospect/or player, nor do they make the claim to be.

Kris Russell won a slew of awards in the 2006-07 CHL season, including CHL defensemen of the year. There were plenty great (And much) better defensemen who played that season and had impressive campaigns, Michael Del Zotto, Drew Doughty, Karl Alzner, Jonathan Blum, etc. Does that mean Russell should have been a better defensemen than all of them? No, it doesn't. Sproul has defensive issues a top defensive prospect at the age of 20 should not have. If he was an Islanders or Columbus prospect, I can't imagine he'd have close to this amount of hype.
Its called review! No coach is not going to take speed and skating ability as a threat and it is their job to look at all opposing threats when making the lineup against a certain team. there is no way, a coach hasn't watched game tape of Sproul before a game against the Soo. so yeah he might have only seen him live twice this year but he has spent at least a few hours watching game tape of the Soo, a lot of which has Sproul on it.

You have canes fans telling you you are wrong, this is a prospect they have reason to hope is the best defenseman in the world yet they can tell you you our wrong. you have come to the point in this thread that you arent even bringing anything new to the table, just blindly calling everyone else misinformed or just plain dumb for thinking Sproul is the better prospect, at this moment.

You for some reason think an entire teams defense relies on one player, when there are six. you put an offensive defenseman with a defensive one, allowing your offensive D to take risks and put up points.

Murphy is +14 and had 48 points, lets subtract his point totals from Sproul's 66. you end up with 18 points, now lets subtract Murphy's +14 and you have 4 more goals that Sproul was involved in compared to how many times Murphy was even on the ice for his team comparing to how many they were on against.

Lastly if Carolina wanted Murphy up they would have kept him. they put him down because they saw him as no more than a healthy scratch/Injury replacement if he stayed in the NHL. he was -4 in 4 games with 0 points. they took a chance saw an injured player coming back and said hey kid go back to juniors your not ready yet. to say they had no choice makes you sound foolish, made the Decision (Choice) to not burn a year off his contract because he was not good enough to play in the NHL yet.

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