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HOH Top Forwards - Determining positions. Updated Wingers list Post 276

At some point, we have to make a decision as to whether to separate forwards by position or do them all together. I think it would help make that decision more informed if we first knew how difficult it was to separate forwards by position. So here is a list of every multi-positional forward drafted in the first 500 picks of the last ATD. Let's figure out if we can figure out the first position of all of them. To make it easier, I'll do a lot of them myself. Feel free to disagree.

Bolded guys need more discussion

Mark Messier - C/LW - definitely primarily a C
Cyclone Taylor - Rover/C/D - How do we handle him? He's a Rover first, but Rover was kind of like a modern C. Consider him a C for our purposes (see post 99)
Frank Nighbor - C/LW - majority of his career and best years at C
Alex Delvecchio - C/LW - played C for the majority of his career - played LW when Norm Ullman was moved to the top line (see posts 14 and 34)
Sid Abel - C/LW - 3 of 4 All Star nods at C, more time at C than LW, he's a C more than a LW
Hooley Smith - C/RW - all AS nods at C, natural C who moved to RW when the team already had a star C. Call him a C.
Anatoli Firsov - LW/C - only played C at the very end of his career. Call him a LW
Doug Bentley, LW/C - call him LW (see posts 9 and 10)
Syd Howe, LW/C/D
Reg Noble - LW/D/C - spent a large part of his career on D, but when he was forward, he was usually a LW (see posts 31, 50)
Alexander Maltsev - C/RW - call him a C (see posts 52, 55, 56)
Mickey MacKay - C/rover - He can be included as a C, unless we do a separate category for rovers
Henrik Zetterberg - C/LW
Didier Pitre - RW/D - Mostly a RW
Frank Foyston, F
Patrick Elias - LW/C - mostly a LW
Ilya Kovalchuk - LW/RW - still mostly a LW for his career
Jere Lehtinen - LW/RW - call him a LW (see posts 57 and 58)
Rod Brind'amour - C/LW - mostly a C
Doug Mohns - D/LW - I guess he can be a LW since we didn't include him on the D list
Bernie Morris - C/RW
Bob Pulford - C/LW
Alf Smith, LW/RW
Phil Watson - C/RW - mostly a C
Jack Walker - F
Keith Tkachuk - LW/C - prime as a LW
Tony Leswick - LW/RW - call him LW (see post 19)
Danny Heatley - LW/RW (see posts 25 and 41)
Kirk Muller - LW/C
Neil Colville - C/D - seems the majority of his prime was at C and we didn't include him as a D anyway
Don McKenney - C/LW - C (see posts 18 and 20)
Vincent Damphousse - C/LW
Jack Adams - C/LW - mostly a C
Vic Stasiuk, W
Eddie Oatman - RW/D - mostly a RW
Ed Litzenberger - C/RW - mostly a RW (see posts 109 and 122)
Shane Doan - RW/LW - mostly a RW
John Madden - C/LW - mostly a C
Rusty Crawford - LW/C - mostly a LW
Fleming MacKell - C/LW - mostly a C
Blair Russell - C/RW
Don Marcotte, F - LW by default unless there was someone specific to check
Trevor Linden - C/RW - call him RW (see posts 2 and 29)
Harry Westwick, F
Jack Marshall - F/D (lol)
Tod Sloan - C/RW - best years at C
Tommy Smith - C/LW - spent more time at C than LW (see post 59)
Fred Stanfield - C/LW - mostly a C
Red Berenson - C/LW - majority of best years at C
Patrik Marleau - C/LW
Vladimir Vikulov - RW/C - mostly RW
Brian Rolston - F
Kent Nilsson - C/RW

Lynn Patrick and Clint Smith were not drafted in the top 500 of the last ATD, but both are in the HHOF, so someone might want to include them on their list.

Lynn Patrick - C/LW - most AS recognition at LW. Call him a LW
Clint Smith - C/LW - most AS recogntion at C. Call him a C

Also added:

Dave Andreychuk - LW/C - prime as LW
Vaclav Nedomansky - C/RW (see posts 35, 39, 53, 54)

Red Kelly, Dit Clapper, Eddie Gerard, Ebbie Goodfellow, Babe Siebert and Mosse Johnson were already decided to be primarily defensemen.

I wouldn't worry too much about guys like Brian Rolston who were drafted in the ATD as role players, but might as well knock them out if it's easy.

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