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03-27-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by bluesman11 View Post
I wouldn’t say everyone here that has something negative to say about Perron is bias, but I would like to add that he doesn't seem like he wants to be part of this type of system.
I think that is wrong.
He is an offensive player and they tend to expend more of their energy in that particular zone.

The fact that Perron is perfectly willing to circle back high when he sees one of his fellow forwards go deep (thus putting him out of dangerous scoring range) do cross-ice dump-ins, etc. indicate he is willing to be part of the team. Where Perron has the most trouble is when he thinks he can get through something he cannot and when he is out-waited by a defense.

Put Perron and someone who can get open and score on the ice at the same time with a scrambling, panicking defense and he rewards far more times than not. More so than any other player on the Blues to be quite honest. McDonald did have that role, but this year has not been good to him.
Put Perron on the ice with a calm defense and forwards who are stuck in mud and he tends to overhandle the puck trying to find the perfect play. This also tends to happen with a defense that stands up at the line well and takes away lanes. This is why Perron and Backes seem to often work at cross-purposes and make lousy line-mates. Backes only causes chaos when he is out banging on defensemen which puts him low and causes Perron to play high protecting the position Backes vacated.

As said previously, if the Blues have to spend Perron to get a real quality upgrade then I am all for it. The issue is that most people want to spin him off for far less than what a real upgrade would be. The Blues cannot waste resources; they do not have the financial ability to withstand stupid decisions made because a player does not hit and fight enough.

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