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03-27-2013, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Well Said. Gorges doesn't have a particularly generous contract but it's comparable to plenty of other shutdown defenders. Would I rather have Enstrom for that sort of money? Yeah sure, but the only way to get a bargain like that is by drafting someone and gambling on an early contract. Which I'm disappointed we didn't do for Subban. But for every Enstrom and Letang there's a Myers.

As far as Gorges himself goes...He's a safe top 4 guy. He's unexceptional, he doesn't make the players around him better, and is only a top 2 guy when next to someone as good as Subban, but he's a solid compliment.

However I don't want him to be the next captain. He deserves that "A" and is a vocal leader, but making him captain would make him more untouchable than he deserves to be. Not that you need your captain to be your best player, but look at how much harder it gets to move Gionta because of that "C". Gorges is a valuable role player, but he's not a part of the core of this team; he's not Subban or even Markov.

Gorges has been exposed a bit by the more aggressive style the team plays this year, that leads to more openings and less opportunity to sit back and block shots. He hasn't been bad by any means; he's certainly been better than Boullion and Emelin overall, but if anything he's closer to Emelin than Subban. He's had some games where he just can't keep up.
I disagree.

But even if he has been, he makes 2-3 times their salary...the difference just isn't worth it.

Give me another Emelin over Gorges, and make 1-2 other decisions like that and you can get an actual impact player up front that we desperately need. And we wouldn't be hurting that bad on D from the downgrade.

Someone hit the nail on the head when he said he had no problem spending 6M-7M cap hit on a star player but had a problem with paying guys like Gio and Cammy 5M-6M.

That's the truth. These non exceptional guys don't bring something irreplaceable. You can find guys who do the same job for a fraction of the price. You just need a GM who knows who to go for. Guys like Simmonds, Ryder, etc.

Gotta save cap space to go for the big fishes. The Charas, Niedermayers, Suter, etc. Players who are difficult to find and don't often end up on the free agent market.

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