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03-27-2013, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by IceDaddy View Post
So The other Mock draft is full and the idea was floated to start a second mock. This one will start around the same time as the other one and will follow the same rules. Those rules will be posted below.

So if you are interested in taking part just post here and Ill add you to the list. Oh and for those in the other Mock. You guys are welcome to join this one too, but only if I dont get 30 guys that are not in the other one.

Rules are as follows.

1.You will have 12 hours to make each selection. Please try to take less time. We should try to get atleast 5 picks done each day. I'll just say 12 hours to play safe and so people don't complain if they miss their pick

2.If you know that you will not be able to make a selection come the time. Please PM me a list of players and I'll choose the 1st player available on your list.

3.If you run out of time and don't make your pick, the rest of the "gm's" in the draft will decide as a group and make the pick for you.

4.No trades allowed.

5.If you guys don't mind, please PM the guy who is after you (after you make your pick) so he knows that he's up in the draft.

6.Be realistic guys..that means no stupid picks if you picked a team that you hate.

7. Please note that this Mock is for Hab board regulars only, and you need to have been a member of HFboards for at least 1 year.


1. IceDaddy - Columbus Blue Jackets
2. yoteshot - Dallas Stars
3. Viggo Mortensen - Carolina Hurricanes
4. ClasslessGuy - Montreal Canadiens
5. pezcore - Phoenix Coyotes
6. habsfan2772 _ Detroit Red Wings
7. mikeg - New York Rangers
8. QuebecPride - St Louis Blues
9. Dr Gonzo - Vancouver Canucks
10. 24rings - Colorado Avalanche
11. donghabs98 - Boston Bruins
12. Mats86 - San Jose Sharks
13. MaxLacoste - Ottawa Senators
14. sukimono - New Jersey Devils
15. Habsfannick - New York Islanders
16. Nedved - Washington Capitals
17. ccgg - Edmonton Oilers
18. 76ftw - Buffalo Sabres
19. Jesker Anahiem Ducks
20. Fozz Chicago Blackhawks
21. AllanMTL46 - Toronto Maple Leafs
22. HabsProspectsExpert - Winnipeg Jets
23. Richiebottles - Pittsburg Penguins
24. danyhabsfan - Nashville Predators
25. Koivu 11 - Philadelphia Flyers
26. bentheprop - Florida Panthers
27. Googa - Minnesota Wild
28. ryanwb - Calgary Flames
29. Zeroknowledge Los Angeles Kings
30. EveryDay - Tampa Bay lightening

Reserve List
1. habfan1968
I could be available for both as a reserve and on a 2nd list,I'm here every day.

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