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03-27-2013, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by JordanStaal#1Fan View Post
This. Having talked to/walked by pretty much all the team last Saturday, except for Rivas and Bernier (who isn't THAT muscular), they all are skinny... but extremely fit. They DO some weight lifting, but they don't train to gain "maximum" strenght and mass, they train to gain endurance and explosiveness. Like you said, soccer is a different animal. I'm sick and tired of people (in general, not only soccer-related) thinking that in order to be fit, you need to be muscular. I train four times a week + hockey on Mondays/soccer on Tuesdays and badminton on Thursday and I'm in better shape than most of the jacked-up ********** you can see at your local gym. These ****s have no cardio whatsoever and in some case, they are just full of water because they take so much creatine. After that, some of them have the "nuts" (what nuts they have left from all their steroid cycles) to tell guys like me that we are skinny and that we should lift more.

I had to.

On topic, who do you have for Bayern vs Juve?

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