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03-27-2013, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by dethomas07 View Post
thank you again! another logical reason of our system and not just it sucks and its dump and chase.. its all about hard work and accountability.. how is that a Crime?? playing strong on the boards, a physical game, positioning and keeping the puck below the goal line bad? It hard nose hockey and its all about having a work ethic. but thanks for a valid reason to our system and putting thought behind it then acting like half the fools on here in outrage!!

torts isn't a defensive coach. hes all about turning defense and transitioning quickly into offense.. theres a difference.. i just wanted to hear peoples thought out POVs.. bc its ridiculous..

thanks guys!! LGR!! big games coming up!!
Sorry about that. I didn't quite word my previous post all that well.

I'm not suggesting hard work and playing along the boards itself is a bad thing. It's actually a very reasonable, and very 'safe' way of doing things. A hard-working team can often beat a highly skilled team in a series. It's a way less talented teams can even the playing field and get some wins. It's just basic.

Torts sometimes like to act like a hockey guru, throwing out catch phrases like jam and swagger to enthrall the fans and media. That's what annoys me. There just seems to be a wee bit more time spent on image and media manipulation for my liking. Preaching hard work and being a motivational coach is something that many people can do (assuming you have the lungpower ).

I honestly put more weight on a tactical coach - a guy who really has to understand the intricacies of the game and come up with strategies and counter-strategies to win.

Nothing against him as a coach, as he is probably one of the best motivational coaches in the league right now. It's just his tactics of always going up the boards, a stationary powerplay, and overall lack of creativity make the team somewhat predictable and basic. These aren't the Gretzky years, where the Great One can do the same freaking move for 10 years before teams find a counter; teams nowadays tear apart basic systems quickly and can find counters within a season or two.

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