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03-27-2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MSRinkRat View Post
I would like to know one thing before saying anything on the whole Quick, Bernier debate.

I do know for a fact, been told by a very highly valued Orthopedic specialists, that there really is no such thing as simple back surgery. Even the easier procedures such as disk bulges can leave scar tissues that will affect recovery to the point of additional surgery being required. Even past that point, it can permanently affect the patient in a negative way, past a point of corrective procedures. I hope this hasn't been the case with Quicker with his surgery and with the future of the Kings being banked on it, i would REALLY like to see that answered before i made a decision on the future of the net.

I have 2 friends that had Disk surgery, one of them has had about 7 other procedures and the other one only needed the one and was ok after the surgery. They were both for Disk Bulges. So I don't think Disk surgery could be called a minor procedure, unless you compare it to something like a bilateral break of the spine.

I think everyone can agree that Bernier is doing better for the Kings this year than Quick has. I agree 100% that Bernier should be getting the load of work while they figure out Quick. What works, works and what doesn't doesn't. Bernier's been on the working side of the Kings so far and I would not trade him until I knew 100% what's wrong with Quick. Just to be safe.
Watch what you say about knowing anything about back surgery or anything medical. You will get slammed by Chazz R.

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