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03-27-2013, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Fred Glover View Post
Great insight here by Mike Lombardi of the Browns when he was with NFL Network. He is speaking about Bill Walsh's draft philosophy. The same holds true in any draft, including the NHL

"Walsh would remind everyone in the room that the draft only needed enough depth for his team to acquire 12 good players. Satisfying every team was not his concern. All he cared about was finding talent for his own team. Therefore, the depth of talent in each draft was not irrelevant."

That is the attitude Jarmo and our scouts need to have. We only need to worry about finding seven or so good players for our team. They can be found in any round. The key is to find them. That is the job of Jarmo and the scouts.

Hence, while it may be important to have a high draft pick, you can blow that pick really easy. More important is to find the good player at the time you are making your draft pick
Interesting that Mike Lombardi would say something like that while his entire career was built around doing exactly the opposite.

Maybe that's why he sucks.

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