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03-27-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by sbet1998 View Post
How sure are you to say that the Blues have scored less than 3 goals per game more than any of the other contenders to call that the issue? Check the stats. The Goaltending and defense is the issue. Scoring is not.

You guys were watching this team give up 3-5 goals every game, right? Do you guys think its easy to score when the other team is up early and they go into a defensive shell? Do you think its easy to score 4 goals every game? Because on this road trip and this game where it seemed every chance ended up in their net, that's what they would of had to score to win.
Is the "check the stats" line something you put in every post despite never providing stats or even the specifics of which stats you're referring to?

While I agree our defense and goaltending were not good last month, I disagree that scoring has not been a problem. My point is that this team scores in bunches so if they start scoring they're hard to stop. If they struggle to score, it's easy to keep them off the board. Thus we are an inconsistent offense.

While I agree it's disheartening to be down in a game early or have multiple (good or bad) goals scored on you, it's certainly no justification for lack of offense. The forwards contributed heavily to the bad play of February with poor positioning, poor back-checking, and most importantly off all, a lack of scoring. I don't think it's easy to score when your team is down or giving up bad goals, but you're not always going to be leading on the scoreboard and this team needs to figure out how to have a good offense under adverse conditions. You can't ignore the offensive woes just because the defensive woes are more obvious.

I do not think it's easy to score 4 goals/game; however, with this team's offensive talent, I feel the offense is currently under performing with weak shots. I'm aware how many shots the Blues have put up in the last two games, but as both opposing teams have shown, it's quality, not quantity of shots that wins the game. The Blues take very few quality shots in a game, thus a goaltender who's in good position and reasonably athletic, can quite easily "stand on his head" against the Blues because regardless of how many shots he sees, they're not going to be challenging. One-timers, low slot play, and screens are things the Blues need to have regularly in the offensive zone. Instead, we see weak shots into the chest when they actually do get below the face off dots and snipe attempts that end up bouncing off the glass. This team is stymied by a good positional goaltender and that is pathetic. Make him move laterally (see Oshie's last goal in Edmonton) and the offense will go from anemic to aggressive.

I did check the stats too.

The Blues have scored more than 3 goals in 12 of their 32 games (roughly 38%) this season. Much like the powerplay, most of the success of scoring more than 3 goals came early in the year (42% of the more than 3 goal games came in January). They haven't been strong offensively for multiple games since January.

Goals For per month
Jan - 28 GF/07 games = 4.00 G/G
Feb - 27 GF/12 games = 2.25 G/G
Mar - 35 GF/13 games = 2.69 G/G (so far)

Goals Against per month
Jan - 14 GA/07 games = 2.00 GA/G
Feb - 41 GA/12 games = 3.41 GA/G
Mar - 34 GA/13 games = 2.61 GA/G (so far)

The goaltending/defense did get bad in February with a GAA for the month 1.41 GA/G higher than the previous month. However, if you notice, the offense dropped 1.75 G/G. So despite your claim the scoring has been fine, the offense actually was worse than the defense. And another note, the goaltending has nearly stabilized itself this month, yet the offensive production only minimally increased.

I won't be surprised if someone claims that's because the defense was so bad the offense didn't have the ability to produce. In my opinion, the offense has struggled since January to be consistent, which has made the goaltending/defense situation look worse than it has been. The gap in production based on which goaltender is in net is more proof that the offense has been a big problem. If this team's offense does not figure out how to start challenging a goaltender and scoring (because the other team's goalie "standing on his head" excuse will get old fast as it is just an excuse so far; we haven't seen a goaltender stand on his head against the Blues recently) it won't matter how good the goaltending gets. Too many talented forwards on this team taking routine shots and calling it "good" effort. There's a reason they didn't score on all those shots last night, they weren't good shots.

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