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03-27-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Ogi1Kenobi View Post
Pirri is in every Chicago proposal. Either Hawks fans hate him or he can't cut it in the NHL. I'll go with the latter. The Blackhawks need a #2 center so badly that they never bothered to even call up Pirri for a test run. That tells me he sucks and make it in the NHL.

A big pass on Pirri. If I'm giving up Roy to a division rival, I hope Joe asks for Mark McNeill. After the deal he pulled off to acquire J. Morrow, the price for rentals is pretty high. Furthermore, Chicago needs a #2 badly.
Coach Q doesn't like him and he is a Tallon prospect

Thus why he hasn't gotten shot in Chicago and why he is considered trade chip

Pirri wont get chance as long as Q is coach. Q wants kid to back check harder/etc.. Kid is a offensive guy who's D game is not a strength at this point

Q prefers Kruger because of his D/PK ability thus why Kruger surpassed Pirri.. Shaw passed him on depth chart simply because he is pesky/gritty player and was willing to switch to C (Been Hawks 3rd line C all year)

If Pirri had Kruger's D game he would be on Hawks ,, But when you cant backcheck well or PK and aren't a star player (Ala Kane) you aren't getting any slack from Q

Its admirable that Q wants that type of player but at same time not all 21 yr old players are capable of giving you top notch D.. Best thing for Hawks would have been to put Sharp/Hossa on line with Pirri and let kid learn from his mistakes and have 2 vets to cover some of his D issues

Instead he rots in Rockford not getting a chance no matter how well he plays for Hogs

As for Bowman part ,, He seems unwilling to move his own prospects and values his guys alot.. Pirri being a Tallon pick makes most sense to be a trade chip

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