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03-27-2013, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by source View Post
This smells like last year, when our opponent would have been Boston or New York.

People were saying NY was the better option 'cause Boston has our number, but then others were saying that if we slip to 8th and play NY that means we suck. I think that logic is ******** when your playoff position depends on 3 games left to play in the season, but if we slip to 6th from where we are now, that may signal a problem. We've got a comfortable lead up on 6th.

But hey, maybe the Leafs are actually a good team, will play lights out, and take that 5th spot from us without us having to suck horribly.

EDIT: Or maybe Montreal keeps losing and we take 4th?
Bleh. Much rather go for the division. It's unlikely, but still possible, and results in much better vibes for the playoffs than slipping to 6th.

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